COVID-19 Protocols

In response to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, we are closed for group classes. In the interim, we are offering in-person private sessions. To keep the shala environment as safe as possible for students and teachers, the following protocols are being implemented at AYH.

  • masks are worn at all times (single-use 3-ply non-woven polypropylene disposable masks are available for purchase $1)
  • hand sanitizer and disinfecting wipes are provided
  • two Molekule air purifiers are running at all times
  • operable windows are open on both ends of the studio
  • the shala is cleaned and disinfected after all scheduled sessions
  • no use of the shower room or cabinets

Before arriving:

  • clean your mat
  • submit your completed COVID-19 consent form online
  • organize your essentials in a zip lock bag (phone, keys, wallet)

Upon arrival to the shala:

  • knock, and the teacher will open the door for you
  • have your mask on before entering (you’ll be provided with one if needed)
  • your temperature will be taken with an infrared non-contact thermometer
  • slip off your shoes, place your zip lock essentials bag on top of your shoes

Entering the practice space:

  • take a squirt of hand sanitizer
  • grab an individual alcohol wipe
  • take your mat, towel, and alcohol wipe into the space
  • the teacher will guide you on where to put down your mat


  • take a squirt of hand sanitizer as you pass by the entryway sink
  • use the bathroom & wash your hands with soap and water before leaving
  • take a squirt of hand sanitizer as you pass by the entryway sink back into the practice space

Exit routine:

  • first, dry the area around your mat if you’ve sweat on the floor
  • second, wipe the floor area around the front and sides of your mat with an alcohol wipe, then roll up your mat
  • take a squirt of hand sanitizer as you pass by the entryway sink
  • collect your things and enjoy the rest of your day


PLEASE REMEMBER: Everyone is responsible and must do their part for the health of the community, thank you in advance!